The Magic of Confidence

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The Magic of ConfidenceOur upcoming Chicks Who Kick Ass workshop will not give you confidence.

Confidence is not a commodity. Unlike food, clothing, shoes, makeup, yoga mats, Spanx — it can’t be bought or sold. We can sell you a space in the workshop, but we can’t sell you confidence. You know that, intellectually, but there’s a part of all of us that wants to believe that the right skirt, the right boot, the right mascara, the right workshop will be the magic spell. Will put us at ease in our own skin. Will soothe the constant chatter that tells us we’re not worthy.

The fact is, there are magic spells for confidence. But if you know your fantasy stories, you know something very important: magic never comes free. It requires knowledge, awareness, skill, and sacrifice. Not the sacrifice of a long-suffering martyr, but the sacrifice of a craftsman: the alchemist transforming lead into gold. The artist transforming pain into beauty. The warrior transforming fear into courageous action.

If you want confidence, you too will have to sacrifice. You’ll have to sacrifice skewed ideas about yourself and the world. You’ll have to sacrifice comforts that lull you into complacence. You’ll have to sacrifice your pain: touch it, handle it, allow it to soften and reshape into clarity and understanding. You’ll have to sacrifice your fear: find it, acknowledge it, allow it to drive you forward instead of holding you back.

We can’t give you confidence, but we’ll do what we can. We’ll give you tools, and information, and resources. The rest, as you already know, is up to you. And we need you to do the rest. We need you to do the hard work of claiming your power. It’s the only thing that will save us.

The world needs your magic.

New Workshop: Chicks Who Kick Ass

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Chicks Who Kick Ass

We’ve finally chosen a date for the first Chicks Who Kick Ass workshop: Saturday, May 3.

As with all our materials, we’ll be fusing acting techniques, current neuroscience research, mystical traditions, and a smattering of other disciplines to help you connect with your inner kick-ass self.

Chicks Who Kick Ass: The Women’s Confidence Course

  • Saturday, May 3 (10am – 4pm)
  • $99 Advance Registration / $109 Same Day (if space allows)
  • Light lunch provided

Wear comfortable clothes; prepare to move around and get friendly with your classmates.

Register Online